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Online Gambling
Online gambling is trending - everybody knows that. It is one of the fastest growing industries
in the world right now, and South Africa is at the very forefront of that trend. But the thing about
online gambling from a punter’s point of view is that it doesn’t come with an automatic set
of instructions.

Sites will happily tell you what you can win but they are less keen to tell you exactly how you can win.
Truth to tell there is no magic formula - there is that old line that goes “how do you make a small
fortune from playing online?” To which the answer is “You start with a large one,” but things are
really not that cut and dried.

Some games are more a matter of chance than others - at least superficially. And that chance
element is what makes casino gaming so exciting and compelling. But the right strategy,
the right approach and a thorough understanding of the risk/reward equation at each and every
turn can certainly see the chips moving in your direction.

Whilst every niche game has its own publications and forums - poker has hundreds for example
these tend to be for those people who are already expert, who know the terminology and who
can appreciate the subtleties of the game. But those of us just putting our toes in the water
sometimes need a little help.

It may have tips on how to go about earning a living as a professional gambler and setting up your
own casino but the real value is in the ‘beginner’ and ‘intermediate’ sections.

There has been a great debate in the poker world recently about the way that - to cut a long story
short - online poker has been skewed in favour of the high rollers at the expense of newbies.
In effect, anyone wanting to learn online poker had to learn the hard (and the expensive) way.

The growing popularity of online gaming generally - and poker specifically - means that there
are now more newbies around than ever before. Firms are starting to wake up to the fact that
they don’t have to go chasing the big fish; there are simply enough small who are eager to play
with their virtual chips to make for a decent catch.

Given the modest amounts they might play for those recreational gamblers may not be the ones
with most to lose, but they certainly are the ones with most to learn. Resources like the blue book
are ideal for giving those small fish what it takes to hang on to their chips.

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Last Updated 26 July 2017
Online Gambling - Small Fish and Chips