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Data vs Intuition - Which one should you trust when Gambling?

The debate between data and human intuition has been going on for years. Some people claim that data is the most logical choice and the only way forward whilst others claim that human intuition is much more powerful than people believe.
The same debate has also carried over to gambling and casinos, with some people claiming that data is essential, while others claim that you only need intuition at the Betfair casino table game.
Both data and intuition have their own pros and cons, but which one should you trust?

Data vs Intuition


To put it simply, data is information that has been measured, collected, reported and analysed. It is being used in all kinds of industries, including the casino and gambling one. Bookies and casinos have benefited from data by establishing more realistic odds and also reducing player frustration, whilst gamblers have benefited by using any data available to get some sort of advantage in games by predicting outcomes and developing better strategies.

With the amount of data that is now available to the public, it would be silly to not use it to your advantage. You can use this data to simply figure out which game is more beneficial to play, or you can use it for more complex calculations such as figuring out the most common outcomes on a roulette wheel. Almost all casino games are measurable in some way, and by collecting the relevant data you will be able to gain some sort of edge. When you’re at a casino you probably won’t have a chance to check the data you require, but by remaining familiar with it your best bet will probably be an educated one.

However, with more and more data becoming available to the public every day, it can be very easy to become data-driven and rely on it to make decisions for you. There is so much data available that it can be hard to decide which information you should follow and which you should ignore. Observer bias is a real thing and with the data available to you being objective, it can be quite easy to come to your own conclusion by ignoring or missing data which doesn’t fit your agenda.


According to Cambridge Dictionary, intuition can be defined as “an ability to understand or know something immediately based on your feelings rather than facts”. It’s basically a vague, back-of-the-mind feeling that seems to heavily suggest that you make a decision on something rather than what the data suggests. For example, you might be encouraged to bet on a certain colour, or double the amount that you’ve placed.

Considering that we’re living in a world which is obsessed with data, it can be hard to make and defend a decision which is solely based on your instinct. However, intuition isn’t something which can be dismissed entirely. According to, there are many scientists that believe intuition isn’t random at all. One theory suggests that the brain collects all the impulses around us and compares the current situation to previous events, which ends up making a decision – all without us knowing about it!

Using your intuition to make decisions is often encouraged in fast-pace environments, and the same idea can be carried over to casino games. Table games at casinos tend to move at a fast-pace which leaves you with very little time to make a slow, methodical decision. Professional poker players tend to use their intuition more than other gamblers due to their experience.

Despite benefits that intuition has, you should not solely rely on it. Although there are some theories about what human intuition is, we still don’t fully understand it, and relying on it will probably end up in you losing more bets than you win. This doesn’t mean that intuition is worthless, it’s just that you’ll need to decide when it’s worth trusting it at times or whether it’s worth using the data available to you. This is something that you’ll get better at when you gain more experience.

Mind Boggling Data

Finding a Balance

When used correctly, data and intuition work really well together. Data tells you what could happen whilst your intuition will help you make the decision. It can be very easy to dismiss one another, but the best gamblers in the world tend to make a decision based off the data that they have available to them. The more experienced gamblers, such as poker players, often claim that they use their intuition often, but their experience in the industry has meant that they can trust it more than new players can.
Although a healthy balance between data and intuition seems to be the more logical choice, it is completely up to you whether you decide to trust the data or your own personal intuition. Data might seem more logical, but in the heat of the moment, choosing your intuition could be more beneficial.




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Data vs Intuition - Which one to trust when Gambling