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Backgammon, the game of kings, is one of the many interesting options availableto play at online casinos. Don't know how to play? No problem. Check out the short description of the rules below:
Backgammon is a game for two players. The game is played on a board with 24 triangles in alternate colors called ‘points’. They are numbered 1 to 24.
The board is divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant contains six points. The lower right-hand quadrant is known as your ‘home board’. The upper right-hand quadrant is your opponent’s home board. The two left-hand quadrants are called the ‘outer board’. A divider runs down the middle of the board. This is known as ‘the bar’. Checkers that have been hit are placed here.
 On the right-hand side of the board are two trays, one for each player. Checkers are stored here when they are removed from the board. Yours go into the lower one, your opponent’s into the higher.
The object of the game
The goal of the game is to move all 15 of your checkers into your home board and then remove them from the board before your opponent removes his. The first player to remove all their checkers wins the game.
The dice determine how many points a checker can move. At the start of the game, both players roll one die each. The player who rolls the highest number moves first, and must play the scores shown on the dice. If both players roll the same number, the dice are rolled again until they show different numbers.

 Where checkers can land
If the point has any number of your own checkers or it is empty you are allowed to move your checker there. You may have up to 15 checkers on any point. You cannot move a checker to a point which has two or more of your opponent’s checkers on it.

Hitting checkers
You may move to a point which has one of your opponent’s checkers on it. This move will result in your opponent’s checker being ‘hit’ and moved out of play onto the bar.
Here are a few example moves to help you understand moving around the board:
Your opponent rolls a 6 and you roll a 1. He moves a checker from his 13 point to his 7 point using the 6 shown on the first die, and then a second checker from his 8 point to his 7 point using the 1 shown on the second die. This move leaves two of you opponent’s checkers on a point. This is called ‘making a point’.
Bearing off
You can start removing your checkers from the board once they are all in your home board. This is known as ‘bearing off’. Your dice roll dictates which checkers you can bear off.– For example, a roll of 4 and 2 will allow you to bear off one checker from the 4 point and one from the 2 point.
If there is no checker on the point indicated by the roll, you must make a legal move using a checker on a higher-numbered point. You are required to remove a checker from the highest point available if there are no checkers on higher-numbered points. You don’t have to bear off if you can make another legal move.
A checker which has been borne off cannot re-enter the game. You can only bear checkers off if all your checkers are in your opponent’s home board. This means that if one of your checkers is hit while bearing off, you must stop bearing off until it has re-entered and reached your opponent’s home board.


In the earlier days gamblers could only play online poker, otherwise known as poker en ligne to the French.  Following that came online Bingo, online Slots and online backgammon. To choose reputable online casino games without having to move money through several internet banks.

The bigger poker rooms are definitely safer to play in as your money can be held in a segregated account for months, and the rakeback is fair.  The smaller rooms may offer a once off poker bonus to lure players in, but in the long run every gambler wants security.  Generall the bigger the room, the better the rewards, and they offer more bonuses, jackpots and progressive jackpots.

Online poker is growing at a rapid pace and gamblers can now interact with gamblers from all over the globe, which makes it a very social game.

Party Gammon, is the largest poker site on the internet.  With great software and fantastic bonuses, it is definitely a favourite amongst gamblers word wide, and also offers online bingo to its players.



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Last Updated 30 April 2015
Backgammon Basics